NEWSFLASH: I am a superhero

I was just getting ice out of the ice machine. Usually, no ice comes out but the machine makes that rrrrgghhhh noise that suggests ice SHOULD be coming out, so I sigh and open the freezer and get ice the old-fashioned way (which comes with its own problems… all the ice is usually fused together into one big inconvenient glacier).

Anyway, things were chugging along right on schedule when a piece of ice exploded out of the machine at the last minute. It bounced off my cup and FLEW into the air, and I made a grab at it with my arms flailing wildly but missed, and somehow—SOMEHOW—the hand holding the cup windmilled around into the perfect position, and that ice landed right in my cup. Clearly, my superhuman abilities have been dormant until now. I’ll be waiting for that call from the CIA informing me that I have been activated.


3 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: I am a superhero

  1. Hahaha! I lack another word to describe that besides ‘win’. Those ice machines are pretty crazy; I couldn’t help but remember when one at my cousin’s house made that “rrrrgghh” noise and then proceeded to dispense an ice cream sandwich bar into my cup.

  2. …You rock, and this shall be FACT. What’s your super-hero-ienne name? (enne? ene? inne? I DON’T KNOW!!! …although I could just type heroine…eh-) Shall it be *dundundun* THE BLOGGER?! (The last phrase was to be said in a voice that you hear during Sponge Bob when the narrator is announcing the various super-heroes-and-villians that live in Bikinni Bottom…is that one ‘n’?)

    ANYWAY, you rock, and that is all.

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