Honesty (read: word vomit)

I realize I’ve neglected the 30 Day Challenge, but I’m getting back into it. Here’s where I left off:

6) When was the last time you were truly honest with someone? What was it about?

Hmm. Well, I’m pretty honest most of the time, I think. Not even in a badass, brutally honest, I-have-a-spitfire-personality-so-I-dish-out-tongue-lashings-for-breakfast kind of way. Sometimes I just blurt stuff out, or laugh when I probably shouldn’t. My mom and I do this thing where we meet in the hallway, appraise each other’s outfits, and then say, “Your shirt and your scarf clash” or “I’m just not feeling those pants and that shirt.” So that was probably the last time.


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