No longer a Titanic virgin

This is embarrassing to admit, but prior to last night, I was a Titanic virgin. Now that I have been absolved of my Titanic virginity, I can only marvel at the beauty of young Leonardo DiCaprio and wonder why Jack and Rose use each other’s names so much. I’m going to pitch the idea to my friends that we use each other’s names as often as humanly possible and see how natural it seems to uninvolved third parties. (All things considered, though, I enjoyed it. I’m an emotional moviegoer, so by the end I was yelling, “YOU JUMP, I JUMP, JACK! DON’T DIE! PLEASE DON’T DIE! WHAT IS THIS?!” *sob*)


One thought on “No longer a Titanic virgin

  1. Or an alternate view:

    “when Leo and Kate are cast adrift on a piece of wood that can’t take both their weights, and deCaprio floats away forever, this means that if you’re just a little bit overweight you’re going to lose your boyfriend”
    – Volkswagen Titanic Advert (‘see film differently’)

    ( )

    Love that advert :L

    Although I have to admit I’m with you on this one, I cry at anything, ‘Marley and me’ was a particularly bad one, I’m ashamed to say I even almost cried at ‘Click’ (Don’t judge – It’s a very emotional scene where his family abandons him to lie, fat and alone, in the pouring rain).

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