I hate it when my stomach growls

I hate, hate, hate when you’re taking a big test… the room is dead silent… you’re concentrating hard, trying to pry the answers out of your brain (because they have to be there… they just have to) when all of the sudden–RRRRRARRRGHHH.

No, that wasn’t a dragon entering the room. That’s how I articulate the sounds of my stomach growling. It’s obnoxious. It’s embarrassing. Everyone throws little glances at you. You want to laugh valiantly like you find the whole situation hilarious, but you can’t, because there’s a test, so you’re reduced to sitting there in stomach-gurgling shame.

I always have some kind of knee-jerk reaction where I quickly try to make as much noise as possible. You know… move the chair around and make it give some sort of ear-splitting screech, rustle some papers, flip the test over. Once I inadvertently slammed my hand down on the desk, drawing much more attention to myself than I would have with just my stomach-rumbling.

And I know it’s not as loud as I think it is, so drowning it out with such tactics is unnecessary. But to me it’s like my stomach is the freaking MGM Lion. I can’t help it. So I move my chair around and cough really loudly, probably getting a bad grade in the process.


One thought on “I hate it when my stomach growls

  1. That happened to me once in a Maths exam… Except my stomach really is *that* loud. So ruffling papers and screeching chairs doesn’t drown out the dragon… It was even worse the other day– I was at a sleepover and woke everyone up with my breakfast-devoid stomach. My friends didn’t know it was me making the noise so I promptly decided to shamefully blame the dog.

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