The Weird TJ Maxx Lady

The TJ Maxx in my town has this maze-like construction of shelves where you stand in line, so obviously I always wind up buying at least twelve more items that I’d originally intended as I wind through the aisles. They’re smart, those TJ Maxx workers.

Anyway, I’m waiting in this mile-long line when some lady comes up and stands uncomfortably close to me. Bear in mind that it’s a narrow aisle. I tried to step forward when the line moved up. She stepped forward with me. The next time the line moved, I hung back, allowing her to cut me. She didn’t. We just stood there, side by side, and it was awkward. I tried both methods again with no success. Finally we got to the front of the line, and I just busted out of there and made a break for the cashier. The crazy thing is, the lady tried to follow me. There were six different cashiers working and an automated sign telling you which cashier was free. So she wound up blocking the whole operation as she stood there with her many purchases, edging her way closer to me. I had no idea what to make of the whole shebang. The cashier raised his eyebrows at me, like, “Whatever the hell is going on, it sucks to be you.” I know, dude. I know. I grabbed my receipt and just made a beeline for the exit. The world is a strange and scary place.


3 thoughts on “The Weird TJ Maxx Lady

  1. They have that in my TJ Maxx too…did I spell that right? I’m tired, so I’m not sure I spelled that right.

  2. Me and my friends partake in that age old tradition where, every time we venture into the maze of Tk Maxx (It’s spelt different over here for some reason), we make it our goal to find the most outrageously ‘cover your eyes and run as far away from that monstrosity as you can’ awful disgraces to fashion (often involving frills and curiously placed pompoms) and force each other to try them on, with cameras at the ready of course.

    Although I must admit I have never been followed by a crazy Tk Maxx lady (although there was the crazy bin bag lady incident but that is another story all together)

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