Jake’s on a plane

Just got off a plane. As soon as the plane touched down, the guy behind me punched his fist into the air and screamed, “YES!” like he’d been secretly doubting the competence of airplanes. His wife/female companion said impatiently, “Sit down, Jake.” Jake’s an interesting specimen.


2 thoughts on “Jake’s on a plane

  1. Has no one left any comments on this blog yet? Because I just read all of your posts in one sitting–in a remarkable show of procrastination that could rival your own–and thoroughly enjoyed them. They’re incredibly entertaining.

    Oh, and your Most Embarrassing Moment is possibly the best thing I’ve ever read. Just so you know. x3

    • Wow. That was really inspiring. I realized WordPress logged me out the other day (even after I specifically asked them to “remember me”) and I’ve been avoiding the extreme difficulty (okay, I’m just lazy) of logging back in, but you just gave me the push I needed. 😀 So thank you!

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