I see a bad grade on the horizon

I’m sitting in the library reading over an essay that’s due next hour. It looks exactly like an essay that was finished at two in the morning, which is what it is. It starts off decently enough (which was the 9 p.m. range) and progressively spirals downward into the realm of repulsive. At that point, it was 1:56 a.m. and I’d been listening to Backstreet Boys on a loop for forty-five minutes. (It was in my iTunes library! I got curious! I rediscovered the magic of my 90’s childhood!) Seriously. It’s one of those papers you’re ashamed to put your name on. We’ll see how this goes over with my teacher.


2 thoughts on “I see a bad grade on the horizon

  1. My last essay started with long flowing vocabulary and glorious analyses of Juxtaposition, the word connotes occasionally slipped in for good measure.

    By the final paragraph I managed to consecutively type ‘the’ not just twice, not three times but, wait for it, four times in a row. I am not even joking, “the the the the”, how is that even possible…

    • It’s that damn Final Paragraph Syndrome! It flares up when you just want to be done but there’s that stupid final conclusive paragraph. Due to FPS, most final paragraphs are destined to suck.

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