My Consistently Tardy Stairwell Buddy

Every day, I am late to my European History class. Every. Single. Day. And by “late,” I mean I have to sprint to class and usually burst into the room just as the bell is ringing. Seriously. If you camp out in the southern-most stairwell at precisely 10:58, you will see me scrambling up the stairs in a mad dash. Every day this happens. Without fail. Every day.

You see, while I’m sprinting up the stairs, there is almost always this one guy who is rushing down the stairs. By “almost always,” I mean 98% of the time. It’s gotten to the point where we actually smile and give each other The Nod while we’re passing each other in a frenzy. In most social situations, The Nod means “Hey, how’s it going?” or some variation. In this specific scenario, The Nod means “Hey, here we are again, late as always… one of these days we’re both gonna fall and break our necks but today is NOT that day! See ya!”

I don’t know who he is. Don’t know his name, what grade he’s in… nada. If you’re reading this, Stairwell Buddy, you need to know that whenever you give me The Nod, it makes my day a little bit better. We should hang. Play laser tag or something. Let me know.


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