Family Bonding (Oh, God)

I realize I haven’t done the 30 Day Challenge in days, so I’ll pick up where I left off and try to make up the days I missed.

Day 4: Write about a period of time in your life where things seemed to be constantly going good.

Last summer, I spent a little over a week at a cottage with my family. Meaning my parents, my brother, my aunt, my uncle, my two cousins, the dogs and I were all crammed into one cottage. File that one under T for Torture. My dog peed on the carpet upon arrival. There was no air conditioning. I forgot my cell phone charger. Within an hour of us being there, we heard a shriek from outside. My mom poked her head out worriedly and said, “What was that?” My dad answered carefully, “Tell me this… does Alex have his tetanus shot?”

So yeah, it was awful… at first. But then it got better. There’s something curiously liberating about being stuck in a cabin on the avenue of Spotty Cell Phone Reception (which translates to The Middle of Nowhere). You start walking around wearing whatever. You quit putting on make-up. Your hair takes on its own persona. Who the hell is going to see you, right? You eat marshmallows at all hours of the day and look at the stars and watch old movies. You play Ping Pong and sometimes, if you’re my cousin, you try to kill a fly with your Ping Pong paddle by chucking it upward where the fly is perched on the ceiling. (You will then hit a light and nearly electrocute yourself. I don’t recommend this.) It was only a week, but it was kind of glorious.


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