Do you ever feel like everything is just awesome? Like you’re just skipping through life on a cloud of dreams and happiness and also rainbows? That’s how I feel whenever we have pancakes for dinner.


2 thoughts on “YES!

  1. Pancakes for dinner *insert suitably stunned facial expression*. I don’t know if that’s an everyday occurrence in America but where I’m from (Scotland) that’s about as common as galloping off into the distance upon the back of a surprisingly agreeable dinosaur after proclaiming your love for brussel sprouts… I’m in awe.

    (P.S. just discovered your blog through sparklife and I am currently sitting reading through your posts, openly laughing at the screen to various looks of *I’m seriously considering sending her to a psych ward* from my family (which isn’t helped by my commenting that Padded cells must actually be quite amazingly comfortable). If I could I would knight your blog for all round brilliance but unfortunately I am not the Queen)

    • I don’t know if it’s so much a common occurrence as it is a once-in-a-while deal that people like to do sometimes, simply because breakfast is AWESOME.

      Also, I Googled “How to Become a Queen” and instead found Oprah’s “Top 10 Ways to Become a Queen in Your Own Life.” So if you care to knight my blog, all you have to do is feel good about yourself and banish negative thoughts and BAM. You have the power!

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