Of Football, WoW, and Taylor Swift

I think today I had an actual heart-to-heart with my little brother. We were on our way home from school, headbanging to Taylor Swift (DON’T JUDGE) when he said randomly, “I read that article you wrote about me on SparkLife.”

I almost crashed the car. “You… what?” I struggled with the concept of speech for a minute, then blurted out, “How did you even know about it?”

“I heard Mom talking about it with Dad.”

Oh dear God. I put “SparkLife columnist” on one of my college applications and gave my mother a vague description of what that entailed. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined her secretly searching SparkLife in a frenzied pursuit to find my articles. I had underestimated her.

“I’m not that cool,” he said, embarrassed.

I sighed. “People friend me on Facebook just to talk to me about you. I’ve overheard conversations in class about ‘the freshman running back.'”

“There are tons of freshmen the seniors like more than me,” he explained.

“Are they on the varsity team?”

He rolled his eyes. “Our lunch table isn’t that prestigious. They talk about World of Warcraft.”

I laughed at the thought of all these buff football players talking about WoW. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He looked down and mumbled, “I didn’t know you thought about it that way. Me being cooler than you.”

“I’ll get over it,” I said, smiling. Then we cranked up the music and talked loudly about football for the rest of the drive. After two weeks of Christmas break (during which we barely hung out), this little convo took me by surprise. I honestly didn’t realize until now how much I’m going to miss him when I go to college.


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