Day 3: If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you want to do?

This question scares me slightly. I feel like it’s demanding a very long, well-thought out answer. But I’m just going to wing it.

If I had one day to live, I’d smash a globe. No joke. I remember sitting in classrooms all through elementary school and staring at that globe and just thinking, I wanna smash that. Since globe-smashing would probably take about thirty seconds (smashing, followed by raucous cheering), I would then splurge on chocolate cake. Then I’d go to Toys R Us and see how long it takes to get kicked out. I’d go cruising with my friends, because we have some fond memories of cruising and that’s the note I’d like to leave them on. I would hang out with the fam. Maybe watch some Criminal Minds, because that’s what we do.

Also, I’d find a wedding happening somewhere and beg them to let me be a flower girl (albeit a flower girl who’s too old to be a flower girl, but a flower girl nonetheless). I’ve always wanted to be one. My lifelong dream would be realized.


2 thoughts on “I WANT TO BE A FLOWER GIRL

  1. I loved being a flower girl! You don’t really do much and you can get away with almost anything because you’re the cutest person at the wedding. It’s like you’re a tiny version of OJ Simpson… wearing a pink fluffy dress… with flowers in your hair… singing a Barney song. BTW, I love your posts on SparkLife!

    PS. I love Criminal Minds! I’m going to marry Shemar Moore someday.
    PSS. I just realized I say ‘love’ way too much.

    • Thank you! Oh, that was wonderful. I’m going to be the world’s oldest flower girl, and when I’m, like, setting fire to the bouquet or dipping the bride’s veil in hot sauce, I’ll say, “I’m the flower girl! I’m like a tiny version of OJ Simpson! You can’t stop me!”

      And as a matter of fact, you can’t marry Shemar, because I’m going to marry him. And we’ll have beautiful babies. I’m pretty sure Shemar’s gene pool could make anyone’s kids ridiculously attractive. Just throwing that out there. (Okay, okay, you can have Shemar. But I’m taking Matthew and never letting him go.)

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