How did it come to this?

Today was just fraught with productivity. I cleaned my room, and I cleaned the bathroom, an event so rare it should go down in history. I did all my homework. I loaded the dishwasher. I finished Oedipus Rex. I made chicken for lunch. I finished outlining my novel for NaNoWriMo.

No, I didn’t. Lies. All lies. That entire spiel was what I pictured myself doing today. In actuality, I sat on my butt, ate Apple Jacks out of a thermos with a soup ladle, kicked around some wayward clothing items in my room to make it look like I made an effort to clean it, then watched three straight hours of Jerseylicious. I felt my IQ plummet. But, hey, did you know Olivia’s dating Tracy’s ex? Now you do!


One thought on “How did it come to this?

  1. i love this blog. oh and rest assured that i do that kind of thing (plan my day full of productivity and then in actuality i do nothing) ALL THE TIME. its not healthy. most of the time i am on the computer reading sparknotes or watching the beautiful darren criss in AVPM. i should get some help. or not… because i would plan to do that and then end up not doing anything at all.

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