plz to be saving me now.

I am babysitting. You can tell what a wonderful sitter I am, since I’m online blogging instead of stopping the kids from, say, setting the house on fire. Which is a high probability, considering they’re making brownies and saying things like, “So how hot should the oven be? Let’s just crank it.”

I have never liked kids. They were like “MAKE US BROWNIES MAKE US BROWNIES, PLEEEEEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE US BROWNIES,” and I was like, “I have approximately three hours to write this paper,” and they were like, “IF YOU DON’T MAKE US BROWNIES WE’LL SCREAM UNTIL YOU DO,” and I was like, “IF I DON’T KILL YOU IT WILL BE A MIRACLE.”

To conclude, my future will not include kids unless I am selling them on the black market. Now I’ve got to go. They’re trying to force-feed me some really sketchy brownies.


One thought on “plz to be saving me now.

  1. hey elodie i thought i would inform you that you had the honor of entertaining me on this Sunday night. this bleak, boring Sunday night where nothing seems to be holding my interest. so in the least stalker way possible i read all of the posts on this blog…and i had a revelation. if we had known each other since we were little, we might have been best-est friends. we both love harry potter and get ourselves in to the craziest shenanigans. so yea just kinda had to tell you that piece of information 🙂 (I SWEAR IM NOT CREEPY! just a small town girl, living in a lonely world…jk but seriously im not i just have no life 😛 )

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